AE token migration plan

The token transfer is divided into four phases.

The migration phase before the main network startup is called phase 0 and has ended in November 2018. The creation block is the first block of the æternity chain and includes approximately 90 million tokens that users migrated in phase 0.

After the 0th stage, there are still 3 stages. Each of these three phases, with an interval of approximately three months, will end with a predetermined hard fork of the aeternity backbone. This means that after the main network is started, there will be three predetermined hard forks. The purpose of each hard fork is to migrate tokens and add or extend the functionality of the æternity backbone, which can only be achieved with a hard fork. This also means that users can only receive their tokens after the æternity main network forks. All scheduled hard forks will include new features and improvements to the æternity protocol such as governance systems or virtual machines.

The three migration schedules after the AE main network is started are as follows:

  • End of Phase 1: February 2019
  • End of Phase 2: May 2019
  • End of Phase 3: September 2, 2019 (after the Ethereum AE token will not be transferred)

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